Academic Instruction Program

At Fieldston Preparatory School, our academic instruction program is designed to help each student master their grade appropriate academic and social skills through a variety of traditional and research based innovative approaches. We believe that students with academic and social deficits learn best when challenged in a non-traditional environment offering a variety of instructional models. By tapping into the appropriate motivational strategy for learning, each student has the opportunity to maximize academic advancement and transition back into a less restrictive school setting, post-high school education and/or independent adult living.


The IEP is the foundation for a student’s academic program. IEPs are based on a careful and thorough evaluation of the student’s strengths and priority educational needs. IEPs are comprehensive, specific, understandable, and mutually developed and agreed upon by the members of the IEP team. The student’s progress in achievement of annual goals, short term objectives and benchmarks is evaluated frequently and revisions made as needed. These revisions are immediately and consistently implemented in the classroom.


Fieldston aims to teach our students from the same texts they will see when they return to their home schools. Lesson Plans are carefully designed to meet the needs of the individual learner and the class as a whole. Direct Instruction techniques are implemented when indicated in reading, math and writing. Hands-on activities are used to teach objectives each and every day. Research indicates students learn and retain information more successfully when instructed in this manner. Teachers write and implement lesson plans that allow each student to master basic skills, the benchmarks, and the standards set forth by the State of Florida.


The conventional wisdom with regard to behaviorally challenged students has long been “Get the behaviors in order, then worry about the academics.” As a consequence of this thinking, most students with a disability fall years behind their peers in academic performance. At Fieldston we believe the opposite of this statement is more effective: When students are learning, their negative behaviors dissipate.

Curriculum Instruction


Fieldston Preparatory School aligns its Curriculum and Instruction (also known as C&I) to the Brevard County School Board District. Fieldston integrates challenging and interactive curriculum and instructional framework in accordance with the Florida Department of Educations (FLDOE) standards and assessments. Curriculum (what we teach) and Instruction (how we teach it) is so very important to how a student learns the material. We are always looking at ourselves on how we can present the material in such a way that we reach every student. Fieldston Preparatory school strives to develop, implement and manage curriculum changes that increases the students achievement within classroom Instruction and Curriculum assessment. Fieldston's Curriculum and Instruction focuses on how the students learn the information and we look for the very best ways to teach the information.

Assessments and Data


Fieldston teachers and administrators, on a regular basis, establish high expectations and demand accountability during evaluating the success of their teaching strategies and curriculum content. Each student is academically assessed using the Woodcock Johnson III at both enrollment and exit to capture academic progress. Fieldston also offers and evaluates each student’s data from FCAT, F.A.I.R., FCAT Writes, EOC’s, QRI’s, and other district assessments. Students who meet established criteria for exemption from state-wide assessment are assessed using identified county adopted measurement tools. The Alternate Assessments are administered to students when the IEP Team determines that it is the most appropriate assessment to be used.

Instructional Technology


Fieldston Preparatory School offers a wide range of different technologies to help serve the needs of all of its students. All classrooms at Fieldston Preparatory have a Digital Projector, Digital Document Camera, Laptop Computer for teacher instruction, and of most importantly a MIMIO Teach installed and ready to use interactively with the students. Fieldston Preparatory School also has a beautiful computer lab that secondary teachers can reserve on a daily basis for all middle and high school students so they can interact with the teachers lesson. All elementary and Varying Exceptionality students already have their own computer labs inside their own classrooms. Fieldston Preparatory School also uses a number of other assistive technology including but not limited to: Electronic Vocabulary labs, IPADS, Alpha Writers, Listening Centers, Video Recorders, Clicker 6, Speech to Text, Digital Pen Readers, and much more.