At Fieldston Preparatory School, we provide comprehensive, individualized, research based educational, and behavioral services to students identified by the Child Study Team as in need of a Separate Day School. We develop and implement programs that nourish academic, vocational, emotional, physical, social, and intellectual growth through a constructivist model enlisting the Student and the Family. Curriculum and instruction are designed to help each student master grade appropriate academic and social skills through a variety of traditional and research based innovative approaches. Fieldston believes that students with academic and social deficits learn best when challenged in a non-traditional environment offering a variety of instructional models. By tapping into the appropriate motivational strategy for learning, each student has the opportunity to maximize academic advancement and transition back into a less restrictive school setting, post-high school education and/or independent adult living.
The Individualize Education Plan  (IEP) is the foundation for a student’s academic and behavioral program. IEPs are based on a careful and thorough evaluation of the student’s strengths and priority educational needs. IEPs are comprehensive, specific, understandable, and mutually developed and agreed upon by the members of the IEP team. The student’s progress in achievement of annual goals, short term objectives and benchmarks are evaluated frequently and revisions are made as needed. These revisions are immediately and consistently implemented in the classroom. The IEP is modified following the procedures outlined by the Brevard County ESE District Plan. Students that are enrolled at Fieldston Preparatory School all have  a primary exceptionality/disability and have been placed in our care by the Brevard County School Board.
Our Philosophy

Fieldston Preparatory School will meet the needs of students, families and the community by providing educational services that integrate responsibility, compassion and achievement. We establish a learning environment that is creative and encourages feelings of joy and accomplishment. We form meaningful relationships with our students to ensure that they succeed academically, develop autonomy, and reach out to others in the spirit of altruism. Our interactions with one another are characterized by honest communication, professional integrity and kindness. We will know that we are successful when our students come to school eager to achieve personal goals, with hope for the future and faith in themselves and others.

Our History & SACS Approved

Fieldston Preparatory School has been educating students with a variety of disabilities in grades K-12 since 2003. Fieldston Preparatory School is accredited through (SACS), which is,  The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools since 2008. Teachers and counselors at Fieldston are certified  through the (DOE) and deliver evidence based instruction and interventions that can help make a positive difference in each student's life.

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