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The Therapeutic Program at Fieldston Preparatory School  seeks to maximize every student’s full potential and to help provide the skills needed to transition back to their home school and eventually to a post-high school education and/or independent living. Each student's team includes a counselor, ESE teacher, SLP/OT (as outlined in their IEP), specially trained behavioral and instructional assistants, and most importantly, parents and guardians.
At Fieldston Preparatory School, we have certified ESE Counselors whose field of study is in either counseling, psychology, social work, or juvenile delinquency. With these different  educational backgrounds and experiences, the Counselors are able to help the students and parents understand the connection with the students behavior and the emotion that led up to the release. Fieldston Counselors assist students with maintaining emotional decision making and assist students with building up their social skills, self evaluation, self management, self instruction and self reinforcement. All students are also encouraged to communicate with their Counselor on a weekly basis and to discuss any concerns they may have that may be in their way of success.
The Counselors at Fieldston Prep discuss with each student the reasons why they were placed at Fieldston and the expectations and requirements that they need to return to their home school campuses. Our Counselors help address student and family needs, as they arise, in the areas of grief counseling, social and physical needs, family support, family education, and make referrals, as needed, to community and social services for additional resources.